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"Dirty Mike Stops To Talk" with Ashley Hawkins


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we're speaking with female power house and police officer, Ashley Hawkins of North Carolina. This kick ass CrossFit chick, is a certified personal trainer and will be competing this week in "War of The WOD's". With her demanding schedule, working on special assignment, she shares with us how she gets her nutrition in to feed the gains and how building your legs is the foundation for being a better overall athlete.

The Crew talks about how Team Fit For Duty's 'The BOLO Podcast' will be offering more tips and free workouts to keep our officers healthy for 2018. The businesses will be merging to make our resources easier for you all to enjoy.

Marc, Tamrin, and Mike get passionate about liberal laws that lead to release of criminals with repeat offenses. As civilians, we have to be diligent about educating ourselves about these propositions that endanger our law enforcement and our communities. 

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Show Take-Aways

 Summary of Interview with Ashley Hawkins:

  • She will be competing in "War of The WOD's" next week.
  • Ashley does 4-5 CrossFit competitions a year.
  • Her typical workout is between 1-3 hours a day.
  • She works vice and narcotics on the task force 20.
  • Eating is a challenge on the job so she keeps plenty of protein bars, supplements, and protein shakes on hand.
  • She is very picky with her foods and doesn't eat seafood, salads, fruits, or cold foods.
  • She eats baby food pouches, since they're easy to grab or chicken, rice, and yams.
  • If she didn't prep out her food she isn't able to hit her macros.
  • Nutrition is Ashley's weak point.
  • On vice, Ashley goes undercover as a prostitute.
  • In Tamrin's department, the massage parlors are the major places for human trafficking.
  • January is human trafficking awareness month.
  • If you have proper form and technique you will not hurt yourself. Start with a good base and don't be intimidating.
  • Building your legs also builds your core and back.
  • By building your legs your become a better overall athlete.
  • Front squat is Ashley's favorite squat.
  • If you can't get your elbows up in your front squat, try crossing your arms.
  • Front squats are the best for engaging your core. They allow you to stabilize weights on the front side.
  • When starting to squat, start small and light. Build proper technique before you start adding weight or trying to find your max.
  • You can start squatting with a pvc pipe or a dowel to build muscle memory and get the movement down.
  • Even by doing air squats or body squats you can get a good workout in.
  • Team Fit For Duty is offering a free body weight program.
  • Ashley's husband does bodybuilding at the police training facility.

*You can follow on Ashley Hawkins on Instagram @hawkins_ae

Summary of the Crew discussion:

  • Our goal for 2018 is getting the officer healthy and getting as much helpful information to you guys to maintain a healthy life.
  • We will be trasitioning thebolopodcast.com over to teamfitforduty.com as we are simplifying and everything will be easier for our listeners to access.
  • Be on the lookout for free workouts of TeamFitForDuty.com. Our first one is listed below in the resources and on our Instagram.
  • Weekly "BOLO Fit Tips" will be coming to you soon!!!
  • If there is anything you would like for us to cover please reach out to us.
  • Costs for fitness competitions run from $2000+
  • Costs consist of: Each class you compete in, your NPC card, your suit, hair, tanning, makeup, and coaching.
  • Tamrin will consider competing this year, but her timeline is TBD.
  • A lot of people need to go to the gym in the morning and knock out their workout to avoid not going.
  • The Team Fit For Duty free workouts are 20-30 minutes max.
  • An off duty California cop was killed after a minor traffic collision.
  • Liberal laws protecting criminals are doing more harm than good in protecting citizens from street terrorism.
  • In California if a warrant is not over $20,000, they will not keep you due to overcrowding in the jails.
  • The hosts get so passionate about these infractions ending in the result of officer's lives. They want to pay respects to the law enforcement who lose their lives for something so unnecessary like a minor collision or petty theft.

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