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"Anarchy In The Studio" with Kellie Clark

Episode 55

In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we're speaking bikini competitor, Kellie Clark. This tough wife of an ex law enforcement officer and mother of 3 is killing the game and pushing past the physical and mental obstacles that competition preparation entails. When deciding to compete there are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Kellie walks us through the pros and cons she experienced while prepping for fitness and bikini competitions.

The Crew is talking about the dangers of social media challenges that are affecting our youth. Recently the "Tide Pod Challenge" has been circulating and has landed several people in the hospital. Please inform your children that it's not worth the "likes". This, recent law enforcement news, and more hot topics in this episode of The BOLO Podcast.

Dispatcher Kristen with Team Fit For Duty is helping with the "gains" once again in, "Achieve Muscle Growth". 

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Interview with Kellie Clark:

  • FaceBook called the police after a man was attempting suicide.
  • Mike has aspirations of working as a full time PIO for social media.
  • For law enforcement, there is a 24 hour email with a quick response time that can help you when tracking down criminal activity or suicide.
  • Kellie competed in 4 bikini competitions from August 2017- December 2017.
  • Kellie has plans of competing again in September 2018.
  • After her 1st show she dropped 10 lbs of fat and came in leaner moving forward.
  • Her top 3 aspects of prep are: the routine/discipline, progress, becoming more functional.
  • Since competition prep she has become an overall better and more functional athlete.
  • Her diet, strength training, and cardio working at the same time is what got her to the results she was aiming for.
  • Trying to focus on only 1 aspect of training won't allow you to meet your goals.
  • Take into consideration your long term goals.
  • Kellie works with 3 different coaches. Nutrition, fitness, and posing.
  • Starting off your posing in person is easier to learn when beginning to compete.
  • Posing is a huge factor in bikini competition.
  • Having coaches who can see all perspectives are what help guide you.
  • Make sure you have a good chemistry with your coaches.
  • For training during her offseason she is focusing on putting on lean mass.
  • During prep there were times she was doing 1 ½ hours of cardio.
  • She trains at CrossFit Axiom, but doesn't train CrossFit.
  • Axiom focuses on the well rounded athlete and not only CrossFit.
  • Kellie incorporates rowing for her cardio, but prefers running.
  • Kellie lifts 5 days a week and cardio 5 days a week with Sundays off for recovery.
  • She follows flexible dieting with a macros based plan.
  • Everyone's nutrition plans and the way their bodies metabolise food is different and for optimal results need to be customized.
  • In the off season Kellie feels stronger and is seeing her numbers going up. Overall during her down time in between competitions, she is feeling great!
  • During prep, your emotions run high and isn't only tough on your body, but can be emotionally draining.
  • She chooses to train at Axiom, to avoid the crowds and the douches at the gym.
  • She has increased her nutrition by 500 calories.
  • Her metabolism has caught up and now needs to alter her nutrition to continue to gain lean muscle.
  • 2 challenges when going through prep:
  1. Feeling weak- When you're in a fat loss phase, your body will want to fight you. Trying to get through the lifting sessions/endless cardio sessions seem endless.
  2. Balancing life- You don't realise in the middle of prep, but you are just going through the motions of life. You don't realize how you were able to survive on so little food. Trying to fit in family time, work, and social is tough. Having a great support system at home is helpful.
  • Kellie experienced getting flack from social media for being unhealthy.
  • Hormonal and thyroid issues can develop if you aren't training properly
  • See a physician for a physical before beginning in any sort of extreme training.
  • Kellie at her leanest was at 12% body fat.
  • Look for red flags in your training and how you're feeling. You may need to strategize a new plan to maintain a healthy training style.
  • She tends to fixate on numbers so her coach decided to take all of the numbers away. She no longer focused on numbers, weight, reps, and leaves it to her coach.
  • Training is her "me time", it is the time when she doesn't have to think about anything and is her therapy.
  • Everyone has a different motivation in the gym.
  • Kellie is a CFO of American Threat Assessment Consultation.
  • Keto Drive can help to regulate digestion.
  • Even if you fall off your nutrition and have treat, don't let that throw out your nutrition afterwards.
  • A Team Fit For Duty client was experiencing the "keto flu", but push past it and it will pay off!!
  • Mike switched his intermittent fasting so his last meal is at 4pm and he can eat throughout the day and stop when he gets busy at home.
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*Follow Kellie Clark on Instagram @kellie.clark_fitness 



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Through the month on January Gem Reality is offering $250 off appraisals on a refinance or purchase

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Achieve Muscle Growth - Police fitness and nutrition, police dispatcher fitness

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