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"Holding Everyone Accountable" with Mike, Marc, and Juicy


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Marc is finally back from Europe and going over this weeks law enforcement news with Juicy and Mike. The guys are talking about the importance of accountability not only within law enforcement but also civilians being held to the same standard. 

Keystone Uniforms President, Robert Gibson and marketing director, Damien Gomez stop by the studio to discuss how they are maintaining a personal "brick and mortar" experience with their clients, while also keeping up with streamline shopping.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Hot Topics:

  • There was an active shooter incident in Texas, leaving eight dead and ten injured. There was an armed officer on campus. 
  • In Dixon, Texas there was another active shooter incident. The SRO on duty was able to stop the perpetrator. The only injured is the officer, and no other shots fired. He is currently in custody. 
  • There have been several school shootings where there were armed officers on campus that weren't able to stop the incidents. 
  • There are many components of dealing with active shooter incidents. 
  • Social Media allows for civilians to get the headline of these fatal shootings, but don't receive proper facts of the incident before the release from authorities. 
  • When Marc was in London, he witnessed the procession and the changing of the guard. There were blacked out vans patrolling the streets in the event of an attack. 
  • There was an arrest in Florida, where an officer kicked the suspect, who was complying with the arresting officer, in the face. 
  • There are officer's who are on a power high, which are giving the rule-abiding officers a bad reputation. 
  • Reverand Jerad Multrey claimed to be racially profiled by law enforcement. When the video was released, it showed no evidence of these claims. 
  • Police officers must be held accountable, but in return, civilians need to be honest about interactions with cops. 
  • Laurel vs. Yanny has swept the nation with people debating on what they've heard. 
  • Mike got dispatched to an apartment complex where they received complaints from the tenants about a man stalking residents and banging on doors. He also had a dog that wasn't properly taken care of and possibly needed to be impounded. A man started walking up to the incident and said Mike, "instead of harassing this man, why don't you take care of the white guys who are constantly smoking weed." 
  • People don't like to be stereotyped, and officers don't appreciate the assumptions as well. 
  • Juicy often faces situations with people yelling at him, instead of listening when he's offering them the respect of hearing their opinions and comments. 
  • Marc's department does an officer's night out, and a Facebook Live open to the community. At an event, he received positive feedback from people who always had an unfavorable opinion of law enforcement. 
  • Law Enforcement Social offers social media advice for law enforcement and fire on how to engage with the community and be productive with their engagement. 
  • Police agencies should engage online with civilians. By doing this, it breaks the divide and allows for engagement in person. 
  • Mike feels that "taking the high road," has been misconstrued. Officers should be professional, but stern when need be. 
  • You can't let people berate you. 
  • At a Rialto, CA Air BNB, Bob Marley's granddaughter had to police called by a neighbor after they mistook her and her company for burglars. 
  • Most people who file complaints against law enforcement want to be heard, and there was a possible misunderstanding with the officers involved. 
  • Officers have to be able to be empathetic and respectful with open dialogue. 
  • Officers should have the training of hypothetical scenarios learning how to de-escalate situations. 
  • If you plan on drinking on vacation, limit your alcohol until then and choose healthier options. 
  • Mike's keto egg starts with cooking bacon, then drain the fat, take a teaspoon of Kerrygold butter, whisk your eggs, add more butter, pull the eggs in from the outer to inner. 

You can follow our hosts on Instagram @isocialcop, @idigitalcop, and @wildgrind.

Summary of Interview with Keystone Uniforms:

  • President of Keystone Uniforms, Robert Gibson, and Damien Gomez, the Marketing director are joining us in the studio. 
  • Robert is going on 15 years in the industry with Keystone Uniforms.
  • Keystone Uniforms is proud to represent the clients that they do. 
  • Robert has learned a lot about serving officers and makes an effort to take into consideration, what his team can do to serve law enforcement better. 
  • Keystone uniforms make it a priority treat everyone with respect and grace.
  • The uniform industry is a dying industry, and they are trying to preserve it. Keystone Uniforms sets themselves to a higher standard by paying attention to detail and making sure tailoring is done the first time correctly. 
  • We are losing and missing face to face wholesome small business owner interaction. 
  • Keystone can streamline their services, but they want to provide a personal service to clients. 
  • Keystone Uniforms will be incorporating monthly sales promos. 
  • They have three locations in Southern California; Santa Ana, Long Beach, and Riverside. 

Follow Keystone Uniforms on Instagram @keystoneuniforms and online at http://keystoneuniforms.com/wp/



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