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"Fit Over Forty" with Sean Lewis


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we have Sean Lewis in the studio. He is sharing his knowledge in fitness for duty. Sean has 20 years on with LAPD and is an active athlete competing in World Police and Fire Games, and CrossFit Games. We find out what motivates him to stay fit and how he continues to challenge himself. 

Marc, Tamrin, Sean talks about what you can do to help aid your gut health and this week's hot topics in law enforcement.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Hot Topics with The Crew:

  • Shout out to Demetrius Dixon, trainer for Team Fit For Duty who just got engaged!
  • Tamrin signed Marc and Juicy up for a ground fighting class at RSO. 
  • Tamrin is starting Jiu-Jitsu this week, standby for an update on how her training goes. 
  • Tamrin had a prosperous social media class and online customer service. 
  • Tamrin speaks about what is working for her with gut health. Probiotics, kimchi, apple cider vinegar are some options that will help with digestion. 
  • Apple cider vinegar, lemon, water, and stevia may make it easier to drink in the mornings to help. 
  • There is good dairy that you can consume, such as full-fat milk that is unpasteurized and grass fed. 
  • We have been conditioned not to understand that when your stomach hurts after eating it, you're probably allergic to what you ate. 
  • Do you have Bires remorse?
  • Two off-duty officers were shot outside of a bar in Indiana. They got into an altercation with men trying to get in a bar after it closed. The officers were working at a bar as bouncers. 
  • When you're an off-duty officer, you are not supposed to identify yourself as an officer for your protection. 
  • One officer was working as a guard, the other one injured was there as a patron. 
  • Many cops are underpaid and take jobs like security, at other agencies, etc. 
  • An off-duty sheriff's deputy disarmed a man who had an assault rifle in Redlands, CA. The man was trying to shoot up a bar after getting into an altercation at the bar at an earlier time. A patron and the officer were able to disarm the man with no shots fired. 
  • Many officers feel like it is not worth it to take their gun to a bar and be responsible for it. 
  • An officer committed suicide at a department. There are red flags warning signs that you can keep an eye out for within your department. 
  • The law enforcement profession can be severely suppressive with the "macho" mentality. 
  • Normalizing mental health and keeping open communication with officers is necessary to avoid suicide and depression with the department. 
  • Many officers put in the grind and live in silent suffering. 
  • Be gentle with everyone you meet because you never know what they're going through.

Summary of Interview with Sean Lewis:

  • Sean's motivation for his fitness is his daughter. 
  • His daughter does CrossFit, and he encourages her to be active. 
  • Fitness helps Sean with his mental wellness, and he continues to challenge himself physically and mentally. 
  • Marc found a gym in Anaheim Hills when he was at 200 lbs, and he was able to lose a lot of weight while getting stronger. 
  • Sean was a coach for 11 years. 
  • Sean appreciated seeing the empowerment of women within CrossFit. 
  • CrossFit is not a magic pill, but at least they are remaining active with challenges. 
  • Your range of motion, strength, and endurance is harder after forty. You have to put more in to achieve the same goals as someone younger. 
  • Working out helps officers with the mental preparation and having stamina on duty. 
  • Even officers who are overweight have the potential to achieve the confidence and strength through working out. 
  • Tamrin's driving force is having more energy for her children so she can live her life with her family to the fullest. 
  • Everything in moderation is the healthy balance we must maintain. Eat healthily, but have the treat now and then. 
  • In Sean's department, the issue of weight is a touchy issue. 
  • After the academy people start to get comfortable and don't stay fit as they did in the process. 
  • Start offering to do activities with others like hikes, 5k's, etc. To start introducing healthy activities and recipes to people you want to bring up health. 
  • Being officers who have been in bad shape, physically, they can recognize when to offer help to people who are seeking help and suggestion. 
  • It is easy doing fitness with just what you have at home. TeamFitForDuty has at home workouts you can do. 
  • Sean played ten years on the department baseball team. 
  • It's good for officers to have activities where they can build their camaraderie and decompress from the job. 
  • Bodyweight is implemented within Sean's department's police academy.
  • His department has 21 divisions. 
  • It is up to the captain to sign off on CrossFit for the divisions. 
  • Officer wellness is imperative for departments to implement. 

You can follow Sean Lewis on Instagram @ centslo21



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