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"Doing It On Vacation" with Natalie Marcom


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Mike is working and workout out while on vacation with his family. With the help from former marine and owner of Nakoma CrossFit in Lake Havasu, Natalie Marcom, Mike is staying on track while enjoying summer vacay. 

After having two children and retiring from the marine corp, Natalie found herself 100lbs overweight. She shares her tedious weight loss journey and how it took years for her to get the weight off to be her healthiest for her kids.

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Show Take-Aways

 Summary of Hot Topics with Mike:

  • Mike advises, never buy a used boat. 
  • Mike's family got caught in a monsoon storm and now has thousands of dollars worth of damage to his boat. 
  • Mike found a CrossFit gym to workout at when he was on vacation in Lake Havasu.
  • He started implementing a meal replacement shake mixing it with an avocado oil called KetoChow and eats his two meals. 
  • Mike broke keto while he was on vacation and felt the carb weigh down on his body. 
  • Keto can help with your energy levels and brain health. 
  • Carb Manager is an app that can keep you dialed into your caloric, fat, and carb intake.

Summary of Interview with Natalie Marcom:

  • Natalie is the owner of Nakoma Crossfit in Lake Havasu. 
  • Mike failed to appear in their first workout session after saying, "I'm not doing burpees."
  • He did show up the following day to workout at Nakoma CrossFit. 
  • Working out on vacation helped Mike set a positive tone for his day and week. 
  • Natalie and her husband are former marines and have a daughter in the marine corp. 
  • Mike is formerly in the army. 
  • Diabetes runs in Natalie's family. She knew that she was susceptible to the disease. 
  • She started gaining weight when she was still in the marine corp and became pregnant. She ate and did whatever she wanted and claims her body gained weight fast and easily. 
  • Shortly after having her first child, she became pregnant with her second baby. 
  • Natalie ended up gaining over 100lbs and stayed at 250lbs for approximately six years. 
  • Natalie's kids wanted to do a 'fun run' at the YMCA, and after running 1/4 of a mile, her whole body shook, hurt, and couldn't breathe. 
  • After she struggled with the 1-mile run, she knew that she needed to get the weight off to be able to enjoy her children thoroughly. 
  • She started on her fitness journey in 2007, and it took her years to get all of the weight off. 
  • Natalie trained for months to do a triathlon and only lost 20lbs to her frustration. 
  • She did lap band surgery and lost 80lbs following. According to her doctor, most people only lose around 30lbs from the procedure. 
  • After getting weight loss surgery, you have to remain active and not cheat. 
  • While Natalie was doing CrossFit, her lap band slipped and caused terrible acid reflux that would wake her in the middle of the night. 
  • Natalie had a procedure to take the fluid out of the lap band and resulted in her gaining 75lbs. 
  • She then went back to a gastroenterologist, that recommended she take the band out and put in a gastric sleeve. 
  • Her father also struggled with weight gain and also had a gastric sleeve put in and has lost 100lbs. 
  • Natalie opened CrossFit Nakoma in February 2017. 
  • After, having several clients and friends prompt her and even offer financial backing to open up a gym, Natalie had faith in herself to open up the business without a partner. 
  • Natalie takes time between classes or in the middle of the day to do her workout. 
  • She loves working out for her sanity and doesn't see it as a chore. 
  • Natalie shares her story as it's needed and when she see's a connection to someone else and her experience. 
  • "Walking through the door is the hardest part."
  • Natalie has tons of people who workout at her gym while on vacation. 
  • People feel awkward getting outside of their home 'boxes.'
  • Law Enforcement and Fire frequent Natalie's gym to incorporate functional fitness to say fit for the job. 
  • Mike is doing a WOD with his daughter this week. 

You can follow Natalie Marcom on Instagram @dointhebestican or @nakomacrossfit

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Nakoma CrossFit

Nakoma Crossfit is a Lake Havasu Crossfit facility that exists to help all people become more physically and mentally fit in a community environment.

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