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"The 40-Hour Fast" with Big Rich Carrion and Mikey B


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, friend to the show and everyone's favorite guest, Big Rich Carrion is back in the studio with Mikey B. These two are 'bro-ing' out over mustaches, keto, and 40-hour intermittent fasting. 

Law Enforcement news this week has us questioning if the media headlines tell the full story? Mike and Rich fill us in on this week's hot topics.

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Show Take-Aways

 Summary of Hot Topics with Mike and Big Rich:

  • Mike is doing 40-hour intermittent fasting. 
  • When you get past the 16 or 18-hour mark fasting, your body starts burning fat rapidly. 
  • Some doctors recommend fasting, keto, and intermittent fasting for people who are going through cancer. 
  • Mike has been getting a lot of compliments on his skin and appearance since starting keto and IF. 
  • Our bodies do not require eating right when you wake up and eating timely meals of only breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
  • You spike insulin when you eat. 
  • If you take immense amounts of protein, it causes an insulin spike. 
  • Taking in excess protein can lead to weight gain, cancer, kidney issues, etc. 
  • Mike is starting to see and feel his results. 
  • Mike uses Quests powdered MCT oil, heavy cream in his coffee with Kelapo ghee and coconut oil. 
  • Fat is not the enemy. 
  • Mike's body doesn't feel sore after tough workouts, and his past injuries are no longer bothering him. 
  • Keeping your insulin levels low allows your body to repair and build muscle mass. 
  • If you can hit the 24-hour fasting window; the human growth hormone that is created in your body, for women is elevated 1300% and for men 2000%
  • HGH is the large fat burner. 
  • Insulin shuts down HGH. 
  • Mission tortillas now offer low carb tortillas. 
  • Companies are searching for ways to accommodate the low carb eating lifestyle. 
  • Keto doesn't pay attention to calories. They say if you eat and you're full of contentment, you are fine. Don't overeat but make sure you are full. 
  • Mike is under 23g of carbs per day. 
  • Experts say that after an extended period doing keto, you can start to increase your carb intake. 
  • There is 62g of fat in Dave's triple from Wendy's. 
  • ICE arrested a man taking his wife to give birth. He had a warrant out for homicide. 
  • Often in the media, one aspect of the situation is headlined without the full story. 
  • Cops don't go out searching to ruin peoples day, but it is their job to uphold the law. 
  • We made a mistake in last weeks episode so, coming up next we have a full episode with Nick Tuttle. 
  • Mike has vacation time coming up and may record soon from the east coast.

You can follow Rich Carrion @nicewhip_89

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