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"The Return Of Nick Tuttle" with Mike Bires


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Nick Tuttle with The Mic Loop is back in the studio with Mike. Since Nick was last on with us, he made consistent lifestyle changes that have resulted in a 40lb weight loss with no signs of halting progress. 

Mike shares the results of his 40-hour fast, that turned into a 53-hour fast. Was it worth it? All of this and more in this week's episode!

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Interview with Nick Tuttle:

  • Mike's diet is going well, and he is down to 204lbs. 
  • Mike did a 53 hour fast. 
  • Around the 24-hour mark his hunger set in. To keep him focused he kept googling intermittent fasting and reading testimonials of the health benefits people experienced. 
  • After 53 hours he needed to eat, but he couldn't eat much. He had some salami and cheese with a salad dressed in high-fat dressing. 
  • His saliva after fasting was very thick with a syrup like texture. 
  • He had a hard time swallowing his own saliva. 
  • The next following day he could feel his energy climbing, but the day after that his energy was through the roof!
  • His metabolism is learning to use the fat efficiency. 
  • "keto-breath" is a sign that your ketones are activated, but you're not efficiently using them in the fat burning process. 
  • The urine strips to text ketones are actually 'waste ketones.' 
  • Remember to stay hydrated when on keto. 
  • Nick Tuttle is getting back on track by counting his macros. His goal is to get down to 220. 
  • At his highest weight, he was at 270lbs. Currently, he is at 233 and in his best shape cardiovascularly. 
  • His lipid levels are at their best now after following the keto diet. 
  • Cheat meals can make your body feel worse. 
  • Mike generally feels younger after dialing in on his nutrition. 
  • Nick put on a weight vest to feel what he was carrying with him when he was heavier. 
  • Nick had to have his uniforms and class a's tailored. 
  • Nick read an article that felons tend to attack cops who look sloppy in their uniforms. 
  • Officers should look professional. 
  • Nick drinks beef broth to absorb the fatty tissues, collagen, and marrows that help rejuvenate your joints. 
  • Bone broth can help your joints and muscles heal and are high in electrolytes. 
  • Dr. Kate Shanihan is a big advocate for consuming bone broth for health benefits. 
  • Supplementing MCT oils, avocado oil, and olive oil helps to fuel keto. 
  • Powdered MCT oil doesn't cause 'tummy trouble' like liquid MCT oil can lead to. 
  • People are more likely to see results by following a keto diet than taking a ton of supplements and hoping they'll work magic. 
  • You can get fat on too much protein. 
  • The healthy fat that we consume doesn't translate to fat on our body. 
  • We gain weight because our body isn't burning or processing enough of what is consumed. 
  • People often think that by making healthier choices with oatmeal, a banana, or egg white sandwiches, we don't take into account the hidden sugars and grams of carbs found in these foods. 
  • Mistaking boredom for hunger is a common misconception. 
  • The body does not need to be on a clock to eat. 
  • Eat when your body is hungry and needs nourishment. 
  • When Mike did the fast this week, he slept like a log and woke up still drowsy. 
  • Getting your electronic devices out of reach 30 minutes before bed is vital to get a good nights rest. 
  • Eliminate the blue light from tech devices. 
  • Mike eats within an 8-hour window. 
  • Nick doesn't have a set eating window. He wakes up, gets a workout in, and eats following. 
  • Intermittent fasting counts your sleeping hours as apart of the fast. 
  • Sardines are a good protein source and full of Omega- 3's. 
  • Keto fat bombs are a great option for dessert. 
  • Rich is on 230g of fat which is a challenge for anyone to consume. 
  • Monk fruit sweetener or Swerve is a great option other than stevia. 
  • Keto is very beneficial to people going through the academy. 
  • Starting healthy food habits early is imperative for officers. 
  • When people are tired they tend to reach for sugar, like donuts, for a quick boost of energy, but it turns into fat stored on your body. 
  • Mike challenges Nick Tuttle to a 24-hour fast!! Go to his Instagram or Facebook group to encourage him. 
  • Nick owns The Mic Loop that teathers your mic to your uniform itself to hold it in place. 
  • Your radio is your lifeline, and if you need a backup, you can't afford to lose your link to your communication. 
  • The Mic Loop retains your radio and keeps it secured to your body armor.

You can follow Nick Tuttle @themicloop or at themicloop.com.

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