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"Domestic Violence in The Veteran Household" with Liz Hensel


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we are speaking with a founder of the Veterans of War Aid Foundation, Liz Hensel. Liz is a Marine Corps Veteran veteran and military wife who witnessed not enough being done to help our veterans and wanted to start an organization with a hands-on approach. 

The non-profit organization is run by veteran volunteers with 100% of the proceeds going back to veterans. They assist in transitioning servicemen, holistic healing for PTSD and wellness; with their new branch launching to help victims of domestic violence in veteran homes.

Mike and Tamrin are discussing whether or not you can get in your workouts with enough energy while doing intermittent fasting and keto. Also, how following this kind of lifestyle impacts your energy levels, sleep, and appearance.

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Hot Topics with Tamrin and Mike:

  • Keto Bark is a great option for a keto approved chocolate to curb sweet cravings. 
  • Nekstella is also a great option for a Nutella substitute that is keto approved. 
  • Carb Quick can be used instead of flour. 
  • Mike did a 4 day fast.
  • To help his digestion come back he consumed a combination of MCT oil and bone broth. 
  • Mike is currently weighing in at 200lbs. 
  • When you hit a plateau reassess your plan. 
  • Tamrin is on her 3rd week of intermittent fasting doing an 8-hour eating window. 
  • She adjusts her eating window based on her schedule.
  • Tamrin found herself extending her fast because she didn't feel hungry. 
  • Currently, she is down 7lbs and has noticed that her weight doesn't fluctuate as much from morning to evening. 
  • Since starting intermittent fasting her sleep has improved, energy has improved, and has noticed she's losing weight in her tummy area; which has been her problem area after having babies. 
  • The texture of her skin has also improved and her overall health is doing better. 
  • She is not calorie restricting. 
  • The Complete Guide To Intermittent Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung is helping Mike understand the concepts behind it. 
  • Tamrin does not feel hungry while fasting and is still able to do morning workouts as well as Jiu-Jitsu in the evening and has plenty of energy. 
  • Fasting does not inhibit your ability to build muscle. 
  • In order for your body to start eating muscle, you would have to be under 4% body fat. 
  • Be aware of products that say they are 'KETO', read the label and anything that sounds gimmicky probably is. 
  • Keto is not the only way to lose weight and be healthy, but Mike and Tamrin have had great results and it is working for them. 
  • By having an accountability group, it can help keep you on track by sharing support and your journey. 
  • Yo-yo dieting causes your hormones and metabolism to go crazy and is 'out of whack'. 
  • Try doing the keto 21-day reset to reset your body. 
  • There was a boating accident last Saturday in Lake Havasu. A boat went head-on into another boat at 50mph. 16 people were thrown overboard and 4 bodies were unaccounted for. 
  • People are boycotting In-n-out because the company donated to the GOP. 
  • Tamrin goes through bouts of Anxiety, as many of us do. It is important to realize how common anxiety is and the importance of self-care and triggers. 
  • Rest, relax, and taking time off can do a lot for your mental state and remember it's okay; don't feel guilty. 
  • You have to take care of yourself!
  • When people take time in law enforcement, they feel anxiety and pressure to get back to work. 
  • There is a lack of personalism in law enforcement except when people want something from you. 
  • Marc is doing very well with his new relationship and will be popping in from time to time. 
  • Tamrin started at 155lbs and is down to 147lbs with only a few more lbs to go. Her main goal is her health benefits and that she feels better. 
  • Mike's lipid levels are doing great! Two years ago he was almost at diabetic levels and is now on the low end of the normal scale.

Summary of Interview with Liz Hansel:

  • Liz is one of the founders of the non-profit, Veterans of War Aid Foundation. 
  • Veterans of War Aid Foundation mission is to help victims of domestic violence that are in the military or are married to members of the military. 
  • She has been in the marine corps for 10 years. She was active duty from 2006-2011 with 1 deployment to Afghanistan. She worked in civilian positions for the military on and off since. 
  • She is also a military wife, whose husband is still active duty. 
  • They are currently stationed in San Diego, and will next be in Japan. 
  • Liz is also a volunteer for the Pin-Ups For Vets organization. 
  • 100% of proceeds for VOW aid goes directly to the veterans. All of the board of directors are unpaid and are volunteers who believe in the cause. 
  • The board of directors is all veterans, who served in either Iraq or Afghanistan war. 
  • They saw not enough was being done for veterans, and they wanted a hands-on approach in helping fellow veterans. 
  • Currently the non-profit operates in three entities; The Transitional Warriors Club, The Holistic Warriors Club, and The Survivors Warriors Club.
  • They help vets transitioning to civilian life, find holistic healing treatments for veterans dealing with PTSD and overall health. 
  • Domestic violence help is now available for those on active duty, are a spouse of active duty or veterans. 
  • VOW Aid helps find emergency housing, aid child care costs, and cover lawyers fees with their pro bono lawyers to assist in cases against the domestic abuser. 
  • They vow to never make the victim feel alone and support them in their needs in the process of getting help. 
  • In the past, the system has tried to brush these cases under the rug in favor or the service member. VOW Aid said, 'NO MORE', this will not continue to happen. 
  • Every profession has domestic violence. 
  • Often members of the military, law enforcement profession, and fire profession suppress their issues at work that can evolve into violence and aggression in the home. 
  • There was an incident with an active duty service member and their spouse who was prior in the service. When the incident came to light the victim was shunned by the service community. Everyone believed the abuser because of his career and good standing in the military. There was black and white evidence of the abuse. 
  • The victim reached out to VOW Aid when she was in a woman's shelter. She didn't feel safe in her own home, the local police were friends of her husbands and she had no one to turn to. 
  • VOW Aid was by her side until her divorce from her husband went through. 
  • VOW Aid is a safe service that will be by your side through your rock bottom and help assist your needs. 
  • A victim is a victim no matter your rank. 
  • Even if you just want to talk to someone or get a consultation, you can reach them through their phone number or their website. 
  • Liz was diagnosed with PTSD after her tour in Afghanistan. She was originally in the supplies unit, and when she went to Afghanistan she was in the mortuary affairs unit. 
  • It is a sign of strength, recognizing when you need help and being proactive about your recovery. 
  • Victims tend to not report the service member for fear of getting their abuser discharged. 
  • Even if the victim doesn't want anything done to the abuser, there are still laws and precautionary steps that have to be enforced to protect the victim. 
  • The Survivor Warriors Club is completely funded by donations. The proceeds go towards emergency living expenses, legal fees, and childcare fees. 
  • VOW Aid has been around for 3 years with the Survivor Warriors Club launching last week. 
  • Their services are available in the continental US. 
  • So far they've helped approximately 160 cases. 
  • Being a witness to a domestic violence case, put a fire in Liz to encourage her fellow marine going through a horrible situation. 
  • Liz grew up as an immigrant and has had the survivors mentality.
  • The marine corp implemented the Force Fitness Expert to get the marines into tip-top shape the teach proper fundamentals to avoid injury. 
  • The MRE's from the French versus the US tasted more like food. 
  • When Liz was in Afghanistan she would only get between 2-4 hours of sleep. Her diet consisted mostly of energy drinks and chocolate muffins. 

You can reach Veterans of War Aid Foundation at www.vowaidfoundation.org

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Veterans of War Aid Foundation

Help Veterans in need. Assistance for Veterans.

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