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"Dirty Mike Meets Ashley" with Ashley Hawkins


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, Ashley Hawkins took some time during her California vacay to give Mike and Tamrin an update on what she's up to since her debut episode. She details how to pack on vacation and things you can do to stay on track while traveling. 

Mike and Tamrin go over this weeks law enforcement news and share delivery services they've come across to eliminate some of your at home tasks like cooking and shopping.

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Show Take-Aways

 Summary of Hot Topics with Tamrin and Mike:

  • @mikeyfirststep asked what workouts new jiu-jitsu students should implement? Build your core strength and hip mobility, box jumps are great for hip mobility, building your grip strength, farmer carries, pull-ups, deadlifts, dead-hangs, kettlebells swings and work on doing explosive movements. 
  • Mikes new favorite snack is pork rinds (chicharrones) with lemon and Tapatio. They have 0g of carbs, keto approved, and are a great option if you're craving chips.
  • While fasting, you can have green tea, black coffee, or water. 
  • @firecapeloy asked our hosts opinion on the vertical diet? The vertical diet consists of eating steak (red meat) and white rice and is becoming popular in the CrossFit world. Tamrin's concerns are the inability to be flexible in your diet, long-term sustainability, and failure due to the restrictiveness. 
  • Research shows that keto or paleo style eating is sustainable. 
  • At Tamrin's leanest she was only eating 20-30 ounces of Tilapia. 
  • Mike received his order from Butcherbox; he ordered the custom box for $120 with NY steak, rib-eye, hamburger, bacon, ribs, etc. It is grass-finished beef that the cow ate grass the duration of its life. 
  • Tamrin signed up for InstaCart. It's an app where you place your order for groceries, and they are delivered to you in an hour. You also get exclusive promotions through the stores. 
  • It is easy to get sucked into food labels that claim they are healthy. Be sure to read the nutritional value. 
  • Ashley loves to use the CrockPot for delicious, easy meals. 
  • Ashley mass bakes to prep for her week. 
  • Officers don't have a lot of time so delivery services can cut out time so they can have more quality time with family or to decompress. 
  • Mike and his wife were not a fan of KetoFridge, a food prep delivery service. 
  • NutriKeto is another quick keto option, that tasted good for an on the shake. 
  • @citysheepdog68 had to administer CPR to 4 people this past week, and he lost 1. Co-workers nicknamed him Dr. Death, which is insensitive for an unfortunate situation. 
  • Shift change at the fire department is 7 am.
  • The majority of CPR cases are fatal.
  • There was a man in Little Rock, Arkansas who sat outside of a Nike store with a thin blue line flag in silent protest against the Colin Kaepernick ad. 
  • The store called the police to have him escorted out of the parking lot.

Summary of Interview with Ashley Hawkins:

  • Ashley Hawkins was first on our show recording remotely in episode 54. 
  • Ashley is a police officer in North Carolina. 
  • In Ashley's trip to California, she is enjoying the scenery and says there are too many people. 
  • Ashley believes that there is also a divide between Democrats and Republican on the East Coast as there is on the West Coast. 
  • In-N-Out is very supportive of first responders and law enforcement. They offer 50% off of orders. 
  • Some officers will use the profession to receive free food and services who don't recognize the discounts as gratitude, but an entitlement. 
  • Ashley and Tamrin both have tattoos that are hidden. 
  • Ashley packed a lot of her supplements and baby food to stay on track while on her trip. 
  • You can ask restaurants for special preparation to stay within your macros. 
  • Mike made carb quick pancakes that were amazing and perfect for a 'cheat meal.' 
  • While Ashley is in Cali, she found a CrossFit gym to workout at while on vacation. 
  • Being on vacation can throw your body off of its regular schedule. 
  • Hydration is crucial while traveling. 
  • Ashley doesn't have intentions of going to the CrossFit Games. 
  • She is currently focusing on other goals. 
  • Every fall is hurricane season on the east coast. 
  • Before the holidays, you should set a target for yourself to hit or maintain to keep the focus on your health. 
  • For Ashley, a cheat meal is a burger or a pizza. 
  • Macro dieting is a budget, use it as a tool to not deprive yourself or overindulge. 
  • Mike hasn't had any alcohol since starting back on keto in July. 
  • Mike sets goals he has to reach before allowing himself a cheat. 
  • 24 more pounds of weight loss and Mike will be at his goal of15% body fat.
  • He plans out his cheat meals weeks in advance, so he doesn't binge or fall off track. 
  • Team Fit For Duty is doing open enrollment for 6 or 8-week challenges. 
  • BOLO for a forum we will be releasing soon. 

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They called the police on the man for... - Blue Lives Matter | Facebook

They called the police on the man for supporting the police. Yeah, you can guess how this ended.

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