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"Losing Weight Slowly" with Sophia Valles


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we're speaking with Sophia Valles. She is a real estate agent and the wife of a Los Angeles, police officer. Being a beginner with fitness, she decided to take on a workout and nutrition challenge that forced her to be accountable and resulted in significant weight loss. 

The crew talks about how to spot human trafficking, Tamrin's trading card, and Mike's online stalker going to court. All of this and much more!!

Kristen with Team Fit For Duty is helping us uphold our New Years resolutions after the momentum dies down in 'Finding your Why?'

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Show Take-Aways

 Summary of Interview with The BOLO Crew:

  • Mike and his wife celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary. 
  • Mike's online stalker had his preliminary hearing and plead guilty to the charges against him. 
  • He can either go to a live-in psychiatric facility or go 3-5 times a week to an out-patient program and therapy. 
  • He won't be able to tag people, use specific names, minute order, and will be on a type of internet probation.
  • A father of two of the abused gymnasts in the Larry Nassar case attacked the man who sexually assaulted his daughters. The judge did not bring charges to the dad. 
  • Michigan State Police put out the 'Watch Carefully' campaign. Can you see the signs of human trafficking? 
  • The internet is the gateway to human trafficking. 
  • Men's Health Australia experts explain why smelling your partner's farts will make you live longer. The gas hydrogen sulfide fights off mitochondrial damage, a cause of multiple health problems. 
  • In San Francisco, starting July 1st will be opening privately funded safe injection sites. They already exist in Canada, Australia, and Europe. 
  • Shoutout to Fontana police officer Jenny, who delivered 'the blood moon baby.' @fitnessmama911
  • In 2012, Tamrin's police department received a bomb threat that they believed to be a trap. One of the officers was shot, and the AK shooter has been captured this year. 
  • Tamrin's department makes trading cards as a community outreach program. Officers go out to community events, and kids collect them. 

*Female officer @bre1806 was the winner of the Valentine's Day giveaway put on by Team Fit For Duty, @TamrinOlden, @DispatcherKristen, and Autumn Clifford @TheLadySheepDog
*The winner of The BOLO Podcast giveaway is @tootiredtothink and @bk629 who both gave rave reviews!!! *Next week we will have @911Strong on for a very special episode!

Summary of Interview with Sophia Valles:

  • Sophia has lost 32lbs since starting her transformation in September 2017. 
  • As a beginner, she started going to the gym with a friend who was also inexperienced in the gym. 
  • She joined a 6-week boot camp that included a meal plan and daily workouts with mandatory FaceBook check-ins to hold her accountable. 
  • Sophia is on the go with her work; meal prep came in handy with getting in her nutrition. 
  • As long as she is awake, she has to eat every 2.5 hours. 
  • The initial challenge she took on was to lose 25lbs. 
  • If you don't have the 20lbs to lose, the challenge will be based on your body fat percentage. 
  • After her first challenge, she left her deposit there to do another cycle, but since she doesn't need to lose another 20lbs to reach a healthy body weight, her focus will be to lower her body fat percentage. 
  • You have to take into account your body type and mass when finding what healthy body weight is. 
  • Sophia's meal plan has switched up, and she is now eating double the amount of protein. 
  • She faced mental obstacles and self-doubt when adjusting to working out. 
  • Being tired and sore was not something she used to, and it was hard for her to hurdle over. 
  • Now that she has become accustomed to not seasoning her food, even when she isn't on a challenge, she asks for no butter and doesn't salt her food. 
  • She is an independent contractor and is on the road a lot with her clients. 
  • Having protein shakes have made it easier to get her meal in since she doesn't always have access to means of heating up her food. 
  • Ceviche is an easy option for her to take with her and eat quickly without needing to heat up. 
  • The effects of alcohol are dehydration, low energy, impacts your recovery and strength because if attacks protein synthesis that you need to repair, and a four-day impact when you have more than two drinks. 
  • When on a ketogenic diet, you can have vodka as long as you don't put any sugary additives in it. It will bring you out of ketosis but will be easier to regain. 
  • One of the intermittent fasting benefits is that your body's cells can spend more time on repair. 
  • Since Mike is doing intermittent fasting and is hydrating his body avidly, his recovery time has gone from 2 weeks to a day or two. 
  • Not having a drink at mixers or having a glass of wine with her husband was a challenge for Sophia. 
  • Sophia is an independent contract realtor in the Inland Empire and Los Angeles County. Her office is in Diamond Bar, CA. 
  • A lot of people are unaware of the programs that they can qualify for when purchasing homes. 
  • 50% of Sophia's clients are in law enforcement, so she makes it a point to keep them up to date on programs. 

You can follow Sophia Valles on Instagram @sophie_valles or at www.SophiaValles.com/



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