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"Own The Position" with Dr. Jace Allbright


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we have Dr. Jace Allbright back to teach us about mobility. He is educating us how mobility work is beyond just foam rolling and stretching. Also, how to properly utilize mobility work and how it helps to aid in your recovery and keep your body with the ability of a full range of motion. 

Marc and Tamrin go over what you should be aware of when going through the academy. Listeners of the show share their challenges of going through the police academy.

Kristen is teaching us to 'Go With The Resistance' and how to use resistance bands. You can do them anywhere and are an excellent option for a workout on the go!

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Interview with Tamrin and Marc:

  • With Mike out of the studio with Tamrin and Marc, we have to bust his chop. 
  • We are challenging Mike and Alan aka "Juicy" to a fitness challenge, as soon as Alan gets back from the academy. 
  • Juicy UPDATE: He will finish the academy at the beginning of May. He will be back in the studio soon and is ready to challenge Mike to a fitness challenge. 
  • Alan's biggest challenge has been going from an officer on patrol for the past eight years and going to close standards. 
  • When they do discussions for hypothetical scenarios, they want textbook answers opposed to what he has experience of doing out in the field. 
  • Question of the day: What what the most challenging part of the police academy? 
  • Marc A: Starting as a police explorer, he wasn't accustomed to getting yelled. His first day of the academy they pushed everyone as far as they could go. His mentality to get through it even when "his arms stopped working" was that, he would get through it! You are not going to die! 
  • Tamrin says that the reason why they get on you and have to yell is that they have to be able to see how you operate under stress and see how you respond. 
  • To Marc, the academy was a game and a DI who was hard on him, he saw as an obstacle that he had to overcome. 
  • You must mentally prepare for what is going to come to the academy. 
  • Marc is in charge of hiring for his agency. He looks for who follows directions, how much they pay attention to detail and evaluating from beginning to end, and what they are wearing.
  • Some agencies require you to swim. 
  • Out of a group of 60 applicants, you are lucky to get 4-5 people who get through. 
  • You have to do your homework when going into a career in law enforcement. 
  • The application must be filled out completely. 
  • When taking your polygraph test, you have to be honest and consistent in your answers. 
  • Stay tuned for a future episode as we will continue to give advice and training for the academy. 
  • Marc recently started getting back on his gym game since on hiatus. 
  • Marc balances his nutrition, walks when he can, and tries to stay active. 
  • Marc recently started going to a massage therapist that has fixed with his shoulder impingement at Perfect Touch Massage. 
  • He also used a foam roller before, after his workout and the following day. 

Summary of Interview with Dr. Jace Allbright:
  • Mobility is having a full range of motion instantaneously and spontaneously without having to stretch, having to warm up, or having to queue your body. 
  • You should be able to squat all the way down, touch your shoulder blades etc. without pain. 
  • For officers even after sitting in a patrol car, you should have full mobility if you have to run out. 
  • Without full mobility, it will lead to compensation, compensation then leads to breakdown, breakdown leads to pain and injury. 
  • We see a significant increase in injuries related to popular workouts. 
  • As a coach, you have to start your clients small, and with proper form to avoid injury by pushing them beyond their ability. 
  • Mike scales his workouts to what he can do. 
  • Any tissue that is painful is not normal. You should be able to foam roll without pain. 
  • If you are getting a pain response, your body is sending out a message that something is not right. 
  • If muscle should not feel rough, tight, and fit.
  • You should be able to breathe. If you start to breathe body shallow, it is an implement that your body is under stress. 
  • You need to pay attention to your body past being uncomfortable but making sure you are not hurting yourself. 
  • Most mobility work is focused on the actual tissue integrity. 
  • Mobility is to help enhance stretching that is effective. 
  • A passive stretch is pulling on the insertion of the tissues. Such as reaching for your toes. 
  • Active stretching is contract and relax. Go until you feel tension, hold, and contract everything around that. 
  • Don't be heroic, be consistent. Stretch out a few body parts and do 10-15 min and put on a 3-4 day rotation. 
  • Find your end goal and what level of commitment you're willing to give. 
  • You don't want to do mobility work before your workout, it is better after to help aid in recovery. 
  • Do an active warm up before your workout to get your blood pumping. 
  • Becoming a Supple Leopard is a great option to learn about mobility work. 
  • Dr. Jace will be giving a class on mobility with TupeloPoint. 

You can follow Dr. Jace Allbright @tactical_physio on Instagram



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Nutrition/Fitness Tip - Go With The Resistance  

This week's nutrition/fitness tip from Kristen Jauregui  


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