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"Stress Management" with The BOLO Podcast Crew


In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we are having some laughs with the whole crew in the studio, trying to shake of the stresses of the week. We discuss how we deal with it and what we do to compress to avoid resorting to negative outlets. Team Fit For Duty trainer, Kristen, walks us through 'The Shift Change Stress Zone' with ways that you can start letting go to relieve stress.

Mike and Marc return from teaching their Las Vegas 'Graphics and Social Media' course with Law Enforcement Social. It wasn't all work, but these two indulged in quality cuisine and even made a video leaving Mike in the dust.

We cover the latest news topics from a new social media challenge leaving a 17 year old dead, the councilman who bashed the American military to high school students, and more. 

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Show Take-Aways

Summary of Interview with The BOLO Crew:

  • Mike and Marc visited Capo's Speakeasy in Las Vegas. A Chicago Mob-themed throwback with a secret entrance providing Italian specialties in dark surrounds.
  • The whole crew has had a stressful week; personally, professionally, etc.
  • Tamrin's stress caused her to wake up feeling sick, not staying up on her nutrition, but would make time for the gym as an outlet.
  • Emotional Survival By Kevin Gilmartin is a great read for dispatchers or anyone in law enforcement.
  • Dr. Gilmartin claims that only getting 4-6 hours of sleep puts you at significant risk for getting cancer.
  • If you are only getting a small amount of sleep and are planning on waking up an hour earlier to get in an hour workout, the hour of sleep will benefit your body and health more than the exercise.
  • 83% of cops get inadequate sleep.
  • The average cop dies 16 years earlier than the average american male.
  • Type two diabetes is the number one "cop killer."
  • Cops having large bellies, is a result of the surge of adrenaline causing to release insulin and not properly working it out of your system. By doing 22 minutes of exercise a day, you can help counteract.
  • Departments claim that they don't have the the money in their budget for officers to be on the clock for a workout.
  • Officers are getting injured and sick being forced to 'medically retire', causing the departments more money instead of helping to keep cops healthy.
  • Fitness For Duty is in the government code.
  • In Australia and Canada their government allow them substantial time off and they are granted time to work out each shift.
  • Departments who allow their officers 1 hour of physical fitness lead to a positive moral.
  • A big component of stress and health of the officer is their involvement in other activities outside of the profession.
  • For every action there is a reaction.
  • They overinvest in things they have no control over and they underinvest in the things they should be focusing on.
  • When cops get off of they want to decompress, but it is better to channel your stress and workout or find another positive outlet.
  • The reason why officers come home and are dog tired is because they're on the adrenaline dump from being on the job.
  • There is a new challenge "The No Lackin Challenge" involving people pulling guns to each others head. As soon as you draw a gun, they draw on you.
  • Already in 2018 there have been 12 school shootings.
  • The most recent being a 12 year old girl shot two 15 year old males in Los Angeles.
  • A councilman slams military referring to them as 'dumb sh*ts' while giving a lecture at a high school.
  • Tamrin's Team Fit For Duty client Aj Arbuckle is an EMT who deals with the struggles of shift work, stress, and wanted to focus on getting her body healthy. She started her customized plan 4 weeks ago and is already down 12.5 lbs.

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Active Shooter Response Training- ALICE Training

ALICE Training Institute is the #1 active shooter civilian response training for all organizations, providing options based strategic methods against an active shooter event.

About the Book

Emotional Survival By Kevin Gilmartin

Capo's Speakeasy / Steakhouse

Speakeasy mob restaurant located in Nevada open 7 days owned and operated by Nico Santucci.

Nutrition/Fitness Tip - The Shift Change Stress Zone

This week's nutrition/fitness tip from Kristen Jauregui  


The Shift Change Stress Zone - Police fitness and nutrition, police dispatcher fitness

​There is nothing like finally having down a set schedule. Having everything in its place. Everything is jiving. Then it happens, it is time for shift change. Now I k

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The Shift Change Stress Zone

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