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Welcome To The BOLO Podcast

Looking for fitness and nutrition tips? Need some laughs driving home from the station?

Team Fit For Duty's very own online radio show, The BOLO Podcast, is recorded weekly in our studio in Chino, California. We interview experts and some of America's top cops and bring them straight to you.

New episodes are published on Wednesdays and available on our own app (click on the icons below), Spotify, and on iTunes, and on Google Play.

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"Own The Position" with Dr. Jace Allbright

‚Äč In this episode of The BOLO Podcast, we have Dr. Jace Allbright back to teach us about mobility. He is educating us how mobility work is beyond just foam rolling and stretching. Also, how to properly utilize mobility work and how it helps to aid in your recovery and keep your body with the ability of a full range of motion.  Marc and Tamrin go over what you should be aware of when going through the academy. Listeners of the show share thei...

Our Hosts and Staff

Mike Bires
Mike is losing his gut through fitness and nutrition, is a website designer, law enforcement officer and generally all-around good dude.
Tamrin Olden
From Team Fit For Duty, Tamrin helps produce the show and provide the nutrition and fitness tips segment for each episode.
Marc Marty
Although they're good friends and "road dogs," Marc is the nemesis of Mike and knows how to hit his buttons.
Rich Carreon
A powerlifter by trade, Rich is a retired police officer from the east coast who brings knowledge bombs to the show.
Janae Zich
Janae Zich holds down the fort and makes things happen on the office side of things.
Daniel Romeros
Daniel, known as "Big D," is the guy you hear behind the DJ mixer saying, "Check, check, sound check" 500 times. He keeps our show sounding fresh.
Alan Weinreb
With over 71,000 followers on Periscope, this young millennial officer is paving the way for the next generation.
Madison Hopkins
Our awesome intern who never says no to the team when a mission is dispatched!

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