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Welcome to my blog here on Team Fit For Duty. I hope I can inspire you and keep you motivated on your quest for a better life, both physically and mentally.
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Jump Start Your Day - The Night Before

Jump Start Your Day - The Night Before

When I think about the importance of creating a night time routine to help you be successful with your fitness and nutrition, I can’t help but think about a famous quote from Benjamin Franklin - “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Taking a few simple steps can increase your chances for success in your health journey. It comes down to getting your mind and body focused on accomplishing your goals on a daily basis so that it becomes a habit.

  1. Prep and Pack Healthy Food - This includes pre/post workout meals, meals for the day, snacks, protein shake(s) and water. Remember, your body needs the proper fuel to function at optimum levels; which is essential to your career. Having healthy food with you will decrease your chances of eating poorly (i.e. fast food runs) or skipping meals (ever get held over or stuck on a case with no food?).
  2. Get Your Wardrobe and Gear Ready - This means your work and workout clothes/gear. Whether you are working out before or after work, being able to get ready quickly will make it easier and save you time. I also like to put things in my car or at the door; one less thing to worry about while I’m half asleep and trying to get out the door for the gym/work.    
  3. Plan Your Day Out - Before bed plan the next day out; add items to your calendar and/or make a task list. Include items for work, gym time, social/personal activities and family obligations. Writing things down is not only a habit to help you be more organized in general, but it increases your chances of completing all of those important items by keeping you on track and serving as reminders. You can also step it up level and go as far as planning out your workout routine and setting alarms for meals so you stay on track with your fitness and nutrition.

These three tips might seem simple; even pretty obvious…they are - but how many of us are actually following them religiously? Keep in mind they will apply differently based on whether it’s your workweek/weekend or workout day/rest day.


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