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Where There Is a Will, There Is A Way!


We are 10 days in to the new year! Did you soar full steam ahead, are your reaching your goals that you set so far or are you still on the coach zoning out trying to figure out how the heck to get started while munching on that stale bag of chips left over from your NYE party? At any rate sometimes the gym just isn't for you, neither is the cost, or you still just can't find the time right? So Here are some ways to still get a mini workout in... no sweating needs to be involved, but it will get you moving! I am trying to take away your excuses! How determined are you? Here are my top 25 to get you moving in the right direction!

  1. If there is an elevator take the stairs.
  2. While shopping park alllllllll the way in the back to get some extra steps in.
  3. Speaking of steps get yourself a Fitbit, apple watch, step counter and make the 10,000 steps mark your goal everyday!
  4. Dispatchers, stand up at your desk.
  5. Dispatchers while standing, do some calf raises, Officers do this while standing near your unit.
  6. While sitting at your desk or in your unit any time you take a swig of water (hopefully a gallon jug) do 10 curls with it.
  7. Got a dog? Go walk it...your dog will thank you by wagging its tail at you the whole time I promise.
  8. Sign up for a 5k (or more) walk or run! Now that you've spent the money on it, you're committed right?!
  9. Put a pull up bar in your doorway, every time you pass that doorway max out or do 10 pull-ups.
  10. Going grocery shopping for only a few items? Forget the cart and use the hand basket.
  11. Got kids? Chase those little ones around the yard, tag is always a good one...plus it will tire them out! Can we say win win!
  12. While talking on the phone pace around the house.
  13. Take a hike (go explore! I guarantee there are places you have not seen in your city or surrounding cities!).
  14. Do pushups or sit ups during the commercial portion of the show that your watching.
  15. Dispatchers, (office workers) take some resistance bands to work and do some leg kick backs.
  16. Plan a family outing and go to a rock climbing gym or a Skyhigh (trampoline) Park. (There are tons of Groupons for these places!).
  17. Join a city recreation team.
  18. Take the stairs two at a time.
  19. Workout or go for a walk during your lunch.
  20. Any time your feeling the munchies do walking lunges to and from the kitchen.
  21. While standing or sitting do ab or glute holds. Contract for 5 seconds then release for 10x 
  22. Remember those kids? Get a jogger stroller and go for a run or walk. They will enjoy getting out of the house too!
  23. Play red light, green light with the kids, but do 3 versions each round such as run, skip, and jump.
  24. Have a Dance Battle (dance like no one is watching!) 
  25. While waiting for water to boil or for the food in the microwave to warm up, hold a plank! 

There are tons and tons of different ways to get yourself moving without having to go to the gym! Did you see our free bodyweight calendar workout plan? Take advantage of the free and easy download, you can do these workouts anywhere with or without weights! Please share what quick tricks you have when you are stuck at work or pressed for time! 

Get Moving!

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